In Kiev the exhibition showed new BTR

В Киеве на выставке показали новый БТР

New BTR-4МВ1 at the exhibition in Kiev

BTR-4МВ1 created from the wishes of the military from the zone ATO.

Specialists of the Kharkov design Bureau. Morozov has created the newest BTR-4МВ1, which today was presented in Kiev at the international exhibition Arms and security-2017, reports Octoberapril.

The company claimed that the new machine is established taking into account the observations that emerged from the military during operation of the BTR-4 in the area of ATO.

“Protection of the BTR-4МВ1 far exceeds any sample BTR or BMP, which is now in service with the Ukrainian military”, – stated in the message.

Thanks to these measures, the protection of the BTR-4МВ1 far exceeds any sample BTR or BMP, which is now in service with the Ukrainian defenders.

Technological solutions allowed to increase the weight of the BTR-4МВ1 only until 24-25 so that 2-3 tons more normal version of the BTR-4. All driving properties, which provides a wheel formula 8×8 in combination with German Deutz engine and American transmission Alisson, remained unchanged: the maximum speed – 110 km / h.

In addition, BTR-4МВ1 retained the possibility of crossing water obstacles by swimming at speeds up to 10 km / h.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously Ukraine was first brought to the United States their weapons. The technique was demonstrated at the international exhibition of arms AUSA-2017 in Washington.

It was noted that the real pride of the Ukrainian stand steel BTR-4 and a remote-controlled minibrewerysystem Phantom-2.

Note that the drone Phantom 2 has a wheel formula 8×8, but can be equipped with tracks. Its power reserve of up to 130 km. the Car reaches speeds of almost 60 km / h and the capacity of hybrid engine is 80 kW. Phantom 2 equipped with twin 23-mm automatic gun, unguided rockets RS-80 and two launchers for guided anti-tank missiles.