In Kiev the night found dead well-known Russian journalist Alexander Schetinin.

В Киеве ночью обнаружен мертвым известный российский журналист Александр Щетинин, - СМИ

Today, August 28 at night in the apartment on the street Konstantinovskaya, was found dead journalist Alexander Shchetinin. He died in his own birthday.

It is reported, Kiev is Operational” on page in Facebook.

Alexander Shchetinin was found on the balcony of his friends who came to congratulate him on his date. He was sitting on a chair with a gunshot wound to the head (under the chair lay the gun). According to information from reliable sources, yet regarded as suicide, since one of the relatives Alexander sent an email informing them of the intention to commit suicide, the report said.

Alexander Shchetinin – known blogger, a Russian journalist and founder of the information Agency “New Region”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, he was called a personal enemy. “For many years I am a categorical opponent of the present fascist dictatorship in Russia. Putin is my personal enemy. I have always believed that the dictatorship we can win, and Russia will be free”, – said Shchetinin in an interview with radio “Freedom”.

According to him, during the Ukrainian revolution of Dignity on the editorial Board of “New region” in Moscow put pressure.

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