In Kiev there was a conflict with the head GSP

В Киеве произошел конфликт с участием главы ВСП

Chairman of the Supreme Council of justice Igor Benedik

Judge Benedick used weapons.

The party’s youth movement “Tradition and order,” Eugene Karas was announced in Facebook that on the evening of 17 March in Kiev there was a conflict between the Chairman of the High Council of justice Igor Benedicam and activists.

“Activists come to the judge, to communicate and fliers that Benedick claim to a high position in the civil service, engaged in corruption. About it activists today submitted the application to the NEB before the visit to the official,” Karas wrote.

According to him, the judge, Benedicic on Osokorki tried to crush the car, and later opened fire from a pistol at the oncoming traffic.

As a result, the activists smashed a camera, a tablet and there is minor damage from ramming bumper.

Note, in the High Council of the judiciary (CSJ) reported that late in the evening more than 10 unknown, dressed in balaclavas, attacked Benedick and his wife near their private house. The judge was forced in self defense to use the weapon, firing a warning shot into the air.

The operative group of police arrived at the scene, arrested some of the attackers, Benedick wrote a statement about the attack on him.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev some people tried to beat the head of the Institute of national memory Vladimir Vyatrovich.

The opposition bloc said about the beating of the head of the regional Council of Odessa region