In Kiev today, five times more weddings

В Киеве сегодня в пять раз больше свадеб

The couple hope a good date will bring happiness to the family

A combination of three sevens in the date has caused a stir among those who want to get married.

In Kiev today, playing five times more weddings than usual in this period. The excitement was caused by date – lucky seven – 7.07.2017. Only in the Central civil registry office this day will paint about 100 pairs. Paint 12 pairs per hour on a weekday is unusual for a Registrar. Usually on Fridays in the main registration of the capital coming 10-20 pairs a day, according to the Main territorial Department of justice in Kiev.

The tradition to marry on the day the “lucky seven” came to Ukraine from Europe. They believe that families are created in a similar date, especially happy. For example, in Rome 7.07 enough to accommodate all who wish to marry, the ceremony in the red room of city hall cut from the usual 10 minutes to 6.

5 times more than usual and wanting to get married on the date of the “three sevens” in Germany. A bride in the special days calendar traditionally choose the original outdoor ceremony. For example, 7.07.2007 the Germans and the Germans chose exotic locations for the wedding on the ship, which sailed along the river Weser about 60 km from where it flows into the North sea, on top of the Zugspitze mountain, located at an altitude of about three thousand meters above sea level and the lighthouse of the island of rügen in the Baltic sea. In many departments of registration of acts in Europe “calendar days” continue the duration of the working day to accommodate all who wish to marry.

Support mad desire to marry this Friday in the district registry offices of Kiev. On the left Bank of the Dnieper, the Desna, the Dnieper and the Pechersk – expect around fifty pairs. In the normal period in those offices are getting married in 5-8 pairs per day.

“I want to draw attention to the fact that we launched the service “Online house of justice “” that allows you to submit application and documents to the departments of registration of acts of civil status from the comfort of your home via the Internet. As for the hype around the date with three sevens – if people believe that she is more suitable for the creation of the family, happily tell their relatives about the legends about that these days are happy and bring love to new families, is their support. The Department of justice of Kiev are always looking for new families. Love, and don’t worry about the submission of documents “, – said the head of the Main Department of justice in Kyiv Stanislav Kutsenko.

Since the Family code provides that registration does not affects the place where can I the family, the couple come to Kyiv OGRIS from different regions of Ukraine and choose the structure that is closer to them.