In Kiev took place the ceremony of awarding the leaders of the economy in 2016

В Киеве состоялась церемония награждения лидеров экономики 2016 года

On December 16 in the center of Kiev in the concert hall Bel’ etage was held XXXIII triumphal awarding ceremony of leaders of the economy in 2016. The event was truly Royal and magical.

Laureates and guests of the ceremony were expecting a Grand and unique in its concept and musical content of the show – “Queen Tribute”. The hits of the legendary band Queen sang the stars of Ukrainian show-business, well-known and loved in many countries of the world: Zlata ognevich, Aida Nikolaychuk, Roman Polonsky, Dmitri Ivashchenko, Pavlo Tabakov, Victor Romanchenko, the Duo of Anna – Maria. They inspired hall awards their magical performance of beloved songs by the band Queen.

The festive atmosphere of the ceremony created an unsurpassed leading: TV and radio presenter, producer Paul Shilko and host of TSN on TV channel “1+1” Lidiya Taran.

Annually, the results of the analysis conducted by the National business rating awarded to more than 1,000 best companies of Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Uzbekistan.

This year for the winners of the international award “Leader of the Branch”, Kyiv, brought together Representatives of Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Among them: government agencies, medical companies, manufacturers, processors, suppliers, construction companies, farmers, beauty salons and many others.

Winners were:

PRESSESPRECHER, LTD – a company offering a full range of services for the collection and recycling of paper;
STATUS PLYUS, OOO – a company specializing in the maintenance and repair of cars, trucks and commercial vehicles;
IMPLEMENTATION HOLDING, LLC is a company providing all types of security services;
CENTER “ZHIZN”, LLC – the center for medical services with the latest laser technologies;
BILOTSERKIVSKA, LTD is the first water utility in Ukraine, the best among the utilities of Ukraine in 2015;
BIMEI, OOO – organization for the processing of scrap metal and sale of metal products;
FASHION SCHOOL, Fashion School, Oleg Danilchenko is the largest school of hairdressing;
HERMES GRAND VOLMAR, LTD is the leader of retail sales of food products food products and tobacco products;
Rotary, OOO – a team of young highly qualified specialists in the field of textile industry;
YASNAYA POLYANA, OOO – farming, the main activity of which is the intensive plant growing;
STAR CVCF company for construction of residential apartment;
AGRICULTURAL company “AGROKOMPLEKT”, LLC is an agricultural enterprise, the main direction of which – cultivation of grain and industrial crops;
CHERKASSYOBLENERGO, PJSC – part of United energy system of Ukraine and relates to the strategically important enterprises of the country;
STUDIO BEAUTY AND FASHION “DIAS” LTD – beauty salon premium;
ELECTROPODCAST, LTD is a company engaged in the wholesale trade of industrial chemicals;
CLUB LOVERS of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, OOO – club for the study of the English language;
GAYSINSKY distillery, GP – the plant for the production of ethanol as a component of gasoline, the relevant European Standard EN 15376;
DNA-LABORATORY, the laboratory is participating in international quality control;
STROY ART DEKOR, OOO – largest distributors among the main suppliers of building materials in the South of Ukraine.
BARYSHEVSKA Zernovaya Kompaniya, OOO – progressive agricultural producer in Ukraine;
ALSER, OOO – enterprise for the manufacturing of curtains, blinds, relletov;
TENT, OOO – represents in Ukraine the world leader in the manufacture of wheels and wheel supports TENTE-ROLLEN GmbH;
GERENT THOSE YONG JI, OOO company providing services in business training in the international audit group of companies Kreston Guarantee Group Ukraine in 2009.
GELIANTUS, OOO – retail – pharmaceutical company;
The ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY of TD, OOO – one of the largest manufacturers of aluminium profiles and systems in Ukraine;
DELIS, PKP – a company specializing in the electrically conducting technical audits of industry;
PLASKE TREVEL, OOO company which has successfully organized a business trip of any complexity;
TENERIFE, PE – private enterprise engaged in promotional activities, valuation of real estate, securities, manufacturing, television and film production;
INSTITUTE of IRRIGATED FARMING of the NATIONAL ACADEMY of AGRARIAN Sciences of UKRAINE is the leading research institution of Ukraine;
CENTER of ECONOMIC and LEGAL RESEARCH, LLC – a leader in tax, corporate and litigation consulting;
T. L. TRANS, OOO – transport company with a fleet sobstvennym;
KHARKOV DESIGN INSTITUTE, LLC – a company in the field of architecture;
BIOBALANCE, LTD is a leading company in the field of biological plant protection;
DM-TUR SERVIS, OOO – company is one of the leading tourist companies of the region;
DAKO, OOO – company for the development and promotion of sites in Google;
FINANCIAL COMPANY “ABSOLYUT FINANS”, LLC is one of the largest financial companies with more than 1,700 branches throughout Ukraine and provides employment to over 4,000 people;
And, EM DI KONSALT, OOO company, whose core business is aimed at the market introduction of Ukrainian brands ARMSTRONG, EcoWater, Erie Icynene and WaterTreatment;
MALBI FUDS, OOO – confectionery company, whose chocolate factory Millennium has the highest growth rate among other confectionery companies in Ukraine;
STEKLOLYUKS-UZHGOROD, LTD company is engaged in the production of PVC aluminum Windows and facades;
ROAD maintenance ADMINISTRATION of REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE of ROADS AND CONSTRUCTIONS ON THEM of OBOLONSKYI district of KYIV, KP is one of the best enterprises of the municipal Corporation “kievavtodor”, the KCSA;
COAL COMPANY “KRASNOLIMANSKAYA”, SE is one of the most successful companies of coal industry of Ukraine, a kind of brand, a sign of quality.
GRAINHARVEST, LTD – distributor of seeds, plant protection means, mineral fertilizers and agricultural machinery from Germany;
The PYATIHATSKY BUREAU of TECHNICAL INVENTORY, DAK – enterprise, providing services of technical inventory;
ECOBUDDIES, OOO – organization for the installation of energy-efficient heating systems;
RUDENKO, SP – company for the production and implementation of unique technical solutions and designs.
EKO IR, OOO – enterprise for the collection and safe disposal of waste;
SCIENTIFIC-PRODUCTION ENTERPRISE “TECHENERGOPROM”, LLC – group of companies, sudestada delivery of rolled metal products of special purpose from leading manufacturers of Ukraine;
UKRAGROTECHSERVICE, AVPP – agriculture specializiruetsya on the cultivation of corn;
DONETSKTEPLOCOMUNENERGO, OKP – a powerful heat supply enterprises of Donetsk region;

The final chord was the presentation of certificates to “the Manager and the team of the year”. The winners of these categories were determined by voting. It is not surprising that the winner in these nominations was one company – FINANCIAL COMPANY “ABSOLYUT FINANS” because best company of the year, best Manager and best team. Without labour collectives, headed by their wise leader it impossible for the success of organizations.

Concert hall Bel’ etage this evening was filled with the Grand and enthusiastic atmosphere, feeling of pride in the achievements and successes, joy for the recognition and honor.