In Kiev watching the Champions League final on the roof of high-rise buildings

В Киеве устроили просмотр финала Лиги чемпионов на крыше многоэтажки

The final match of the Champions League is not just a game. This is a special event that requires a special atmosphere-safe – atmosphere Hineken®.

Traditionally, the football season closed the match of the Champions League final. This year’s duel, which came Juventus and real Madrid, took “the capital of the country of dragons” in Cardiff.

Ahead of us was an unusual finale in an unusual place. On this occasion, the brand Hineken® for the second consecutive year provided a unique chance for soccer fans to watch the main event of the year in club football, the Champions League final, in an incredible location – at a private party held on the roof of one of Kiev’s high-rise buildings, in the company of celebrities and best friends.




Guests even before the start of the match was divided into two camps: some preferred the Royal club, others an Old lady. Was headed by two factions featured presenters Igor Tsiganyk and Alexander Loboda.

From the starting whistle, the two warring parties were United by connecting ranges.







Juventus from the start took the initiative, but the first ball into the goal opponent scored a real – Cristiano Ronaldo. However, seven minutes later Mandzukic, equalized, gave hope for a positive outcome to their fans.

With a whistle the team went on hiatus and fans – to the bar. Because football world level always at a high level along with Hineken®.










With the beginning of the second half, real showed a clear advantage, and their desire to win in the final, the players of the club of Madrid reinforced with three more goals.

With the final whistle, real have won the trophy, and Cristiano Ronaldo, as he said many of the protesters on the roof that night, the fans, won the Golden ball ahead of time.




The lights went out, emotions have cooled down… We will long remember the evening that we gave TM the Heineken – sponsored UEFA Champions League.

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