In Kiev will host the event which will determine the future of digital Ukraine

В Киеве пройдет событие, которое сможет определить будущее цифровой Украины

11 December 2019 in Kiev the Congress center “Ukrainian house” held a round table on the theme “Standards of instruments of the blockchain”, which will be attended by representatives of government, business and science.

The main goal of this event is to unite efforts to implement the project of digitalization of Ukraine.

The decision on holding the round table was taken after a previous landmark for the course of digitalization of Ukraine events — Kharkiv III international legal forum. It is at this event was established by the research center for legal solutions in the field of technologies of the distributed registry, which is the initiator of the round table.

Issues to be discussed during the round table:

· technical and legal components of the token blockchain;

· how the blockchain technology can help in the management of public finances;

· attracting investments into the economy of Ukraine through the introduction of blockchain technology, etc.

В Киеве пройдет событие, которое сможет определить будущее цифровой Украины



Moderators of the round table are:

· Nicholas Kucheryavenko, doctor of legal Sciences, Professor, first Vice-President of the National Academy of legal Sciences of Ukraine;

· Eugene Bow — candidate of legal Sciences;

· Alexander Code — CEO of Simcord, the author of the research work “Study of the concept of “digital asset”: economic and legal aspects” and “Methods for diagnostics of token blockchain to match the digital asset”.

The round table will participate the representatives of such public services as security Service of Ukraine, Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, Ministry of social policy of Ukraine, State Treasury service of Ukraine.

Learn more about the event and register on the official website.