In Kiev will kink three members of the gang that kidnapped the wife of the capital of a businessman for ransom

В Киеве будут чудить троих членов ОПГ, похитивших жену столичного бизнесмена с целью выкупа

In Kiev will be judged three members of a criminal gang that kidnapped the wife of the capital of a businessman for ransom. Reports a press about it-service of Prosecutor’s office of Kiev.

“Under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor of Kyiv completed pre-trial investigation against three members of a criminal group, which in October last year organized the kidnapping of the wife of a businessman in Kiev with the aim of obtaining ransom,” the statement reads.

They reported about suspicion in Commission of criminal offenses under part 2 of article 15, part 3 of article 146 (kidnapping), part 4 St. 189 (extortion) of the criminal code of Ukraine, committed by an organized group.

Now case open for review suspects and their defenders.

In Prosecutor’s office reported that the kidnapping has developed and implemented three residents of the capital, among whom 30-the summer citizen of Azerbaijan, 21-year-old previously convicted born in the Khmelnitsky region and 34-year-old native of Lugansk region.

They demanded for the release of the wife of the businessman the repayment in the sum of 150 thousand dollars.

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Two members of a criminal group militiamen detained during the transfer of the redemption in the city of Kiev, and their accomplice – in Kramatorsk, Donetsk region.

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As previously reported in the SBU, the kidnappers were detained near one of the markets in the Dnipro district of the capital during obtaining all sum of the redemption.

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