In Kiev will rise by bus

В Киеве подорожают маршрутки

Ground transport will rise in price simultaneously with the metro

A complete list of routes on which you will have to pay more, called the Kyivpastrans.

Kievpasstrans will raise the cost of travel in public buses for 1 UAH from 15 July. This was announced by the chief of service of public relations of the KP kievpasstrans Marina Zagorodka., Ukrainska Pravda reports. Kiev.

“From July 15, will increase the fare in ground transport for 1 UAH. The same applies to buses operating in the taxi,” said, Zagorodka.

The fare will rise to 26 public buses: 150, №154, №155, №157, №165, №166, №181, №182, №183, №193, №208, №215, №220, №228, №234, №258, №433, № 457, №500, №502, №516, №530, №537, №548, №550 and No. 586.

As of today, the fare in public buses is 4-7 UAH, depending on the length of the route and passenger traffic. Accordingly, they will rise to 5-8 UAH per trip.

Night bus No. 137Н will rise to 4 UAH.

In UAH 1 will also rise the cost of suburban public buses No. 373, No. 774, and No. 991.

As reported, the Kyiv administration has decided to raise the price of subway fare to 5 UAH, ground transportation – to 4 UAH from 15 July.

The reasons for the raise of fares called rising prices of fuel, electricity, spare parts and increase in the minimum wage.

Also, the Kiev metro plans to stop using tokens for fare payment in 2017.

The capital’s residents can use tokens and single tickets for ground transportation, purchased before the rise in price of travel July 15 to July 31.