In Komsomolsk are preparing a lawsuit against the new name

В Комсомольске готовят иск против нового названия

Komsomolsk City Council

A city in the Poltava region was renamed Horishnie Marshes.

The authorities of Volgograd are going to appeal against the decision of the Parliament on the renaming of the city in Horishnie marshes. This was announced by the mayor of Komsomolsk Dmitry Bykov, UNIAN reports.

According to him, the city authorities did not question the implementation of the law on decommunization, but 98% of people do not agree with the new name.

The mayor said that the name “Komsomolsk tried to file as abbreviations, but this decision was not approved.

“Then we asked to postpone this question until the end of the year, because society is hard to decide on a new name, because about a hundred variants, and historical names no. Offer and the borysthenes, the Dnieper, and the pious and Christian… We believed that the Central government is aware of the fact that the local community is not yet ready for a specific name… I Think that most MPs were not aware that the community of Komsomolsk against this name,” said Bykov.

He said that the law on de-communization provided for the rename to 21 February 2016. “They do not fit into this period, and changes in the law (the extension period) is not made. So we were sure that there is time until the end of 2016,” – said the mayor.

According to him, the city plans to appeal the decision of the Parliament on the renaming of Horishnie marshes in the Supreme administrative court. The municipality and the representatives of the Poltava regional state administration is also preparing an appeal to President Petro Poroshenko and the Verkhovna Rada, to an additional period of time to discuss this issue and provided an opportunity for residents to choose a new name for the city.

In the Kharkiv region reported the completion of de-communization

Today in Komsomolsk held a spontaneous rally against the renaming of the city. After negotiations protesters with representatives of the city administration, it was decided to hold, in Komsomolsk on may 28 at 11:00 a citywide meeting at city hall.

We will remind, on may 19 the Verkhovna Rada in the framework of de-communization was renamed Komsomolsk in Horishni Marshes. The decree also returned the historic name to the renamed Dneprodzerzhinsk and Dnepropetrovsk.