In Konstantinovka blocked Russian TV channels

В Константиновке заблокировали российские телеканалы

SBU cut off Russian channels in Konstantinovka

Cable provider to rebroadcast their network-prohibited programs.

SBU jointly with the national Council on television and radio ceased retransmission of banned Russian channels in the Donetsk region Konstantinovka. Reports a press about it-service SBU.

“One of the local cable providers rebroadcast in its network banned Russian program “Russian illusion”, “TNT”, “Home movie”, “amusement Park” and “the Fighter”. By results of check it stopped airing these channels,” the statement reads.

Materials sent to the national Council for decision-making and the application of sanctions.

Previously, the national Council on broadcasting was allowed to relay in Ukraine, a French channel and has banned 14 Russian.

For the Crimea and Bezrukova. Ukraine has banned three Russian TV channels