In Korosten with intercity trains dropped off 30 people for drunkenness

В Коростене с поезда Интерсити высадили 30 человек за пьянство

Plane rustled in the train intercity

The company was acting violently and disturbing the public order.

A group of passengers consisting of 30 people landed with intercity trains going from Przemysl to Kiev, for drunkenness. On Friday, October 6, reported the press service of Ukrzaliznytsia.

During a trip in fast train, a group of passengers from Przemysl after the departure of the train from the station in Lviv began to behave provocatively, very loud conversations, to consume alcoholic beverages or violate the public order and disturb the calm to travel to the other passengers.

“This group was planted on the station Korosten with the involvement of the person on duty on station and the police, and on the travel documents delivered to the respective level”, – reported in uz.

Recall that the passengers of the train intercity connections Odessa-Kiev were forced to ride standing up due to the lack of wagons.