In Kramatorsk killer-disabled raped a minor

В Краматорске убийца-инвалид изнасиловал несовершеннолетнюю

Militiamen quickly found the rapist

The man dragged his victim to an abandoned house.

In Kramatorsk, the court has arrested a man for raping a 15-year-old girl. On Thursday, January 11, reported the press service of the Prosecutor of Donetsk region.

The Prosecutor said that the rapist met his victim on the street, dragged into an abandoned building and raped. The victim told about the incident to his father, and he called the police.

Law enforcement officers detained the rapist. He was a disabled from childhood of 2 groups with a delay of mental illness, previously convicted for premeditated murder.

The man reported about suspicion and sent to prison. The investigation is continuing.

Recall that in Kropiwnicki in the building of the jail died, the suspect in the rape of three children.