In Kramatorsk, the police gave up the separatist

В Краматорске полиции сдался сепаратист

The man illegally carried out control at a checkpoint in Kramatorsk

The Kramatorsk born in 1973 joined the ranks of an illegal armed formation in April 2014.

The police of the Donetsk region surrendered to a resident of Kramatorsk born in 1973, who “served” in the ranks of the separatists. As reported by the regional police in 2014, the man was the elder of the separatists ‘ checkpoint and organized duty at the facility, conducting an illegal inspection of citizens and their vehicles.

“The man quickly climbed the corporate ladder to a senior roadblock and directed all activities of the facility. Not the last role in this played the fact that he is a professional athlete before the war was engaged in melee combat,” added the police.

After the liberation of the city from the separatists, in July 2014, a man moved to live in another area. “And when he learned about the possibility of exemption from punishment, decided to voluntarily go to the police with a message about their participation in illegal armed groups”, – reported in police.

Now police officers check the activities of the former separatist. Once it is proved that at the time of stay in the NFP he did not commit serious crimes, the man will be officially released from criminal liability and be able to return to normal life.

Earlier in Kherson city court has arrested a suspect in the attack on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine Kiev Oleg Sagan.


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