In Kremenchug railway workers went on strike

В Кременчуге забастовали железнодорожники

Ukrzaliznica shake the searches, it strikes

People don’t want to work on older hardware

Today, at 5 a.m. the drivers of the locomotive depot “Kremenchug” the southern railway began a “technical”, or so-called Italian strike. Thus they decided to support the protesters since June 14, under the Ukrzaliznytsya in Kiev colleagues. This was announced on his page in Facebook the head of trade Union of miners Michael Volinets.

Railroad workers perform their duties, strictly observing all norms and rules stipulated by the job descriptions. Because 99% of the locomotives in the depot “Kremenchug” worked his life, and has long been in need of repair, the drivers who came to work today, refuse to take them and carry them passengers and cargo.

According to the Chairman of the free trade Union of locomotive depot Sergei Moskala who takes a direct part in the strike in Kremenchug, none of the responsible employees, including the chief engineer, did not dare to take responsibility and to assure with your signature that the locomotive, according to its technical condition can go on line, so as at 10 o’clock in the morning, none of the locomotive from the depot left.

We will remind, on June 16 the head of the state company Wojciech Balczun said that uz for five months of current year has received 100 million UAH of net profit.

In 2016, the losses of Ukrzaliznytsia amounted to more than 7 billion.