In Kremenchug the teenager survived after falling into a quarry from a height of 50 meters

В Кременчуге подросток выжил после падения в карьер с высоты 50 метров

The teenager was transported from the dangerous slope

The guy’s got an open craniocerebral injury, brain concussion and nose fracture.

In Kremenchug on the territory of Kar Quartz had an accident with a 14-year-old teenager who was seriously injured. About it reports gschs in the Sunday, November 18.

The incident occurred the day before. Friends of the victim told a security guard enterprise that the guy fell into the quarry from a height of over 50 meters and is now located on a small ledge at a height of about 60 meters. The man called rescuers.

One of the employees of gschs together with an employee of the quarry could reach the teen and gave him first aid. Then rescuers together with employees of the SBU special forces transported the teenager with the dangerous slope.

“As a result of falling from considerable heights minors received opened cherepno-a brain trauma, brain concussion, fracture of the nose and taken to children’s city hospital of Kremenchuk”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the current state of health and saved moderate.

Earlier in Kremenchuk on Prospekt Lesya Ukrainka from the window of a residential building on the fifth floor fell a young man. He was hospitalized with severe injuries.

It was also reported that in the hospital of Odessa died 41-year-old woman who fell out of the bus. The door opened on the move under pressure from the passengers standing on the rear platform.

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