In Krivoe Ozero the search continues for the gun that shot Zuckerman.

В Кривом Озере продолжаются поиски пистолета, из которого стреляли в Цукермана, - нардеп

In Krivoe Ozero in the morning continued the search of the gun that fatally wounded Zuckerman. This was announced by MP from the faction “people’s front” Vadim Podbereznyak the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“No, finding the gun is not stopped. To stop searching only at night and in the morning started again and at the moment I have just spoken with the Prosecutor of the region, no one is finding the gun did not stop,” said the Podbereznyak.

He added that the river, which is looking for physical evidence, very silty, and the one who was shot, is confused in his testimony concerning where he dumped the gun.

According to the MP, we consider the different versions where I’ve been thrown a gun – even one where the defendant deliberately showed not the place to make it impossible to find evidence.

“It’s the murder weapon, it must be found and attached to the physical evidence,” said the Podbereznyak.

He also added that there is unverified information that the suspect in the murder of Zuckerman previously transferred from one Department to another because of the aggressive behavior.

“The brutality… was telling me about this guy who killed that he had previously worked in the Pervomaisky police Department, and he was transferred for aggressive behavior (but I haven’t tested this information). Perhaps I should have paid attention to his aggressive behavior, and then such a tragedy would not have happened,” said the Podbereznyak.

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Yesterday it was reported that in the curve Lake stopped to look in the river a gun that shot Zuckerman.

As you know, in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, 24 August in the village of Kryve Ozero in the Nikolaev area there was a conflict between a taxi driver and a 32-year-old Alexander Zuckerman. In place of the police arrived and arrested the Zuckerman. Eyewitnesses said that during the arrest the police began to beat the man who was in handcuffs, and Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko later reported that the detainee also shot. As a result, 32-year-old man died. Doctors found that he died from a gunshot wound. Now six police officers arrested.

Three of them remanded: Denis Shatskogo was arrested for two months, the senior Lieutenant Nikolay Khomenko and Sergeant Alexander Pricepaid for one month. Three more were suspended from duty.