In Krivoy Rog drivers saved juv pheasant

В Кривом Роге водители спасли птенца фазана

On the highway stopped traffic because of the pheasant chick

Drivers stopped traffic on the road and helped the chick who got separated from his family, to cross the road.

In Krivoy Rog drivers stopped traffic to save a baby bird the pheasant. On Tuesday, June 12, writes news Agency most-Dnepr with reference to the eyewitness of the event, a press-Secretary GU gschs in the Dnepropetrovsk region Daria Grechishev.

It is noted that near the fire station’s family of pheasants was trying to cross the road. One of the Chicks did not have time for mom and remained on the roadway.

Drivers stopped traffic and helped the family to be reunited again thus saving a little life.

“Rescuers of the Dnieper, which went to the fire station Krivoy Rog, witnessed the incident and thank the Saviour for helping the birds,” said grechishev.

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