In Krivoy Rog in the shop broke with an axe the robber in a mask of a tiger

В Кривом Роге в магазин ворвался с топором грабитель в маске тигра

The robber with the axe and the mask of a tiger in Krivoy Rog

Store in Krivoy Rog tried to Rob a man in a tiger mask who was holding an axe. He was detained by the visitors.

In Krivoy Rog Dnipropetrovsk region shop tried to Rob a man in a tiger mask who was holding an axe. The corresponding video on Sunday, December 2nd, published the first Deputy Chairman of the National police Vyacheslav Abroskin in Facebook.

“Four young men from Dnipropetrovsk region showed everyone yesterday that criminals are “no”, when they have been opposed jointly and together. As for the offender in the mask, 1976, he will have time enough to sit behind bars,” wrote the Deputy head of the national police in social networks.

Earlier in Kiev, police detained the man, who took hostage the mother after, according to preliminary data, the robbed person.

It was also reported that in Canada, employees of a jewelry store foiled a robbery with toy swords.

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