In Kropyvnyts’ke protesting military pensioners

В Кропивницком митингуют военные пенсионеры

Security forces on pensions require recalculation of pensions

The protesters threatened to move on to more radical action if the government does not listen to their demands. Next time they promised to block the road.

Wednesday, January 17, Kropiwnicki war veterans, combatants, pensioners of law enforcement bodies came to the rally with the requirement to recalculate the pension. This is the website of Zlatopol.

The veterans said that he didn’t notice himself promised recalculation of pensions. Letters with their requirements they sent in nine structures of power: President, Prime Minister, Verkhovna Rada, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of social policy and the Minister of justice.

The protesters also said that if the government does not heed their demands, they go to drastic measures, such as road closures.



Earlier, former police officers rallied in Mariupol.

As earlier reported, Volyn miners held a protest under the ground, demanding to be paid.