In Kropyvnyts’ke two men gathered in the yard of dozens of tons of garbage

В Кропивницком двое мужчин собрали во дворе десятки тонн мусора

Debris has already begun to fall over the fence

To take out collected over the years, the trash will need fifty trucks. The city Council is going to organize a headquarters for this operation.

In Kropyvnyts’ke two men – father and son – for seven years, have accumulated in the yard piles of garbage taller than a man. When the junk began to fall over the fence, the neighbors sounded the alarm, says the story TSN on Thursday, October 18.

It is noted that the first men posological debris seven hectare garden, then adjoining land, leaving waste heaps of narrow passages, labyrinths. Men both deaf, through an interpreter, the son explained – this garbage he planned to use to heat your home.

“We told them, not even for the yard said, and from the alley to take it all,” says the neighbor Svetlana Tereshchenko.

When all this stuff began to fall over the fence at other people’s plots and the roadway, the neighbors raised the alarm. Arrived at the scene the Commission from the city Council. From the municipality came to a Commission, and seen by officials struck.

“No legislation forbids them to wear garbage on their private land. But there are norms of behavior in society, there are public health standards, fire codes and everything here is broken,” – said the head of the Inspectorate Andrey Maksyuta.

After several hours of negotiations, the officials and the owners of the yard came to an agreement: the government promised to take out the garbage and to arrange a subsidy for coal, because each of the men gets only one and a half thousand hryvnias of a disability pension.

Only rough estimates to get assembled over the years, the trash will need about fifty trucks. The city Council is going to organize a staff to conduct this operation.

Earlier it was reported that the President of Estonia removed the garbage in the Park of the Dnieper. Kirsty Kaljulaid took part in world cleanup day. She stated that the city Park has a lot of bottles of alcohol and water.

It also became known that in the Kherson regional clinical hospital of stillborn children are considered biodegradable waste and for years was dumped.

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