In Kyiv region robbed the Museum of the unification of the ZUNR and UNR

На Киевщине ограбили музей объединения ЗУНР и УНР

From the Museum-the car stole the exhibits.

In Fastiv, Kyiv region robbed the Museum-the car the unification of the Ukrainian national Republic (UNR) and Western Ukrainian national Republic (ZUNR). About it informs the community of Fastov today, citing the Director of the Museum Edward Modzelewskiego.

“Arriving with the resort and come on the weekends to carry out long-planned tour for guests from different cities of Ukraine, together with them, have witnessed an unprecedented cynicism. It’s just a horror and I am compelled to inform the public about very bad news — cynical robbery of the Museum, which occurred during my absence while on vacation outside Fastiv” – said Modzelewski.

According to him, the thieves broke the lock in the door of the car, smashed the exposition and the walls of the Museum.

Stole many valuable items (old coins of the Austro-Hungarian, German and Russian empires, silver hryvnia of Kievan Rus, the Cossack copper mug, etc.) and auxiliary equipment (TV, heaters).

“The thieves worked, apparently at night because was cut by glass from shop Windows and splattered their vile blood of almost all of the exhibition display and window blinds,” added Modzelewski.

The Museum Director said that he had submitted all relevant statements to law enforcement investigation.

Museum archive of literature and art relocated to an industrial area