In “Kyivenergo” has been added to account information, allowing them to calculate how much you need to pay for heating the apartment

В "Киевэнерго" добавили в счета информацию, позволяющую самостоятельно высчитать, сколько необходимо заплатить за отопление квартиры

With Oct in the payment receipts for homes which are equipped with household heat meters, must be indicated: the date of meter reading, total heated area of the house, the volume of the consumed Gcal. Did it to explain what you are paying for consumers.

In those homes where meters are installed heat, apply the temperature coefficient. It is used in accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1037 dated 19 December 2015 At calculation of payment for heat is taken into account the temperature outside and the number of days of service of a heat supply. It is due to the temperature coefficient for the heating period of the last year the people of Kiev save on heat bills almost 42.4 million UAH. as the temperature was higher than incorporated in the tariff.

In “Kyivenergo” to remind you, if the apartment has individual heat meter, it is necessary to transmit its readings on a monthly basis. This will properly record data, and then the payment will be a proper sum to pay for the consumed heat energy.

First this season, the bills for heating were a surprise for many people of Kiev, the amount they exceed last year’s. Partly the reason was unexpectedly cold in the houses which are not equipped with heat meters, according to Resolution No. 1037 payment for heating is calculated taking into account temperature coefficient. “Kyivenergo” also explain: the heat tariff to the greatest extent depends on the cost of gas. The price of gas is set not by the market operators, and the state in the person of the regulator – the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in spheres of power and utilities (NKREKU). The rise in price of gas contributes to the growth of tariffs, because the price is the main part of the rate, namely 80%.

In “Kyivenergo” noted that, for its part, is doing everything possible to against growth of tariffs for municipal services were increased and the level of service. “The company has upgraded the contact centre, extended work schedule of two customer service centres up to 9 hours, and some of them work even on weekends. In addition, expanded online services: “Personal profile for some hot water and the heating” and “Personal account of electricity”, which is convenient to control utility payments, but to pay for heat and light through the Internet”, – stated in the message of the company.