In LC poured paint over a memorial to the separatists

В ЛНР облили краской мемориал сепаратистам

Monuments graffitied with paint

The incident occurred in the town of Perevalsk.

Controlled by the self-proclaimed LNR the city of Perevalsk, unknown poured paint on a memorial walkway, the separatist media reported.

“Extremely cynical misconduct was committed in Perevalsk on the night of 8 January. Vandals have desecrated the Alley of military glory, dedicated to the memory of fallen soldiers-internationalists and the defenders of the Donbass. Unknown painted with paint and heartlessly painted abusive slogans almost all elements of the memorial complex”, – stated in the message.

Local police stated, “make every effort to find the criminals”.

The incident occurred on the night of 8 January.

Attention! The photo and video there is obscene language.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously, the members of the organization of the Black Committee were doused with red paint by the Russian centre of science and culture in Kiev.