In Lithuania doubled the number of migrant workers from Ukraine

В Литве удвоилось количество заробитчан из Украины

In Lithuania, Ukrainians are attracted to the higher wages

Most often Ukrainians are held by drivers, builders and workers.

The vast majority of labour migrants in Lithuania are Ukrainians. In 2017 labour visas were issued to 34 500 foreigners, of which about 20,000 citizens of Ukraine, Delfi reports with reference to the migration Department.

In 2016 in Lithuania on employment earnings up to 18,000 people, of whom about 10 000 are Ukrainians.

According to experts, in Lithuania, Ukrainians, attracted by higher wages and simplified conditions of employment. Analysts say that labor immigration to Lithuania is inevitable because of the emigration of Lithuanian citizens and the shortage of qualified professionals. Critics thus believe that cheap labor force from Ukraine will stop the growth of salaries of inhabitants of the country.

Most often Ukrainians are held in place truck drivers, long-haul transportation, concrete workers, masons, specialists in finishing works, assemblers hulls, welders.

Businessmen claim that most worries delivers a long consideration of applications for visas and residence permits. The Department’s migration say that with the increase in labour migration, they do not have enough employees to consider applications on time.

Recall that Poland enters the paid work permit.

Earlier it was reported that Poland will increase the number of work visas for Ukrainians.