In LNR accused Ukraine of disrupting breeding forces

В ЛНР обвинили Украину в срыве разведения сил

Kiev was not informed about the readiness for the breeding of strength at the Village, stated in the LC.

The Ukrainian side has not informed the Special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE about its readiness to produce a dilution of forces and means on the the line of contact near the Village of Lugansk, therefore, scheduled for August 29, the withdrawal will not take place. This was announced authorized self-proclaimed representative LNR on Minsk talks Vladislav Danego inform the media of the militants.

“We already know that (a dilution of forces and means in the center of the Village Lugansk – ed.) will not take place. In any case, from the Ukrainian side no notification was not about what they are willing to fulfill their obligations, which I heard from the mouth (a representative of Kyiv in the security subgroup of the Contact group, Eugene, ed.) Marchuk in Minsk on 23 August,” said Danego.

He also added that the reports of the OSCE SMM latest violation reported in the area breeding in the Village Lugansk on August 22.

“There’s now a clock is the advanced base of SMM OSCE, which is located in the Village of Lugansk, round the clock there are observers, nothing new in the reports does not appear, nothing appeared in the information decoding of video cameras that are monitoring the area,” he added Danego.

Earlier the OSCE said the observer mission from the beginning of the 2017 fixed in the Donbass almost three thousand not taken away the weapons.

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