In LNR said about their own Rules of the road

В ЛНР заявили о собственных Правилах дорожного движения

Residents of Luhansk want to make driving in the new “rules”

In the “Republic” declared “the establishment of the” new Rules “based on the” traffic regulations of the Russian Federation. They plan to introduce in September.

The self-proclaimed “Luhansk people’s Republic” declared “developing” their own Rules of the road. On Tuesday, may 15, separatist media reported.

According to the report, new traffic rules, which will go to the occupied part of the Luhansk region on September 1, approved the “Council of Ministers” quasisecurity.

“The basis is the traffic rules of the Russian Federation on the basis of accumulated experience in the observance of traffic rules in the Republic, taking into account the experience of other countries and have developed rules of the road LNR”, – said today in Lugansk, “Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of LNR” Yuri Gutwin.

He believes that the SDA LNR “are a legal document.”

At a special briefing, “the Ministry of internal Affairs of LNR” spoke about some of the differences in the new “regulations” compared with the traffic regulations of Ukraine, which drive now:

– emergency stop in accordance with traffic regulations of Ukraine may be related to the status of any traffic participant. According to the new “rules” – only the driver or a passenger;

– SDA Ukraine daytime running lights must be white and to be considered in the design of the vehicle. In the “country” it will be just exterior lights that are designed to improve the visibility of the moving vehicle from the front in daylight;

– according to traffic regulations of Ukraine, the driver must submit documents to traffic police. In the “Republic” want to force the driver to give the documents in the hands of local “law enforcers”;

– in addition to the mandatory documents, stipulated by the traffic regulations of Ukraine on the occupied territory of Luhansk drivers will need to have a waybill and shipping documents. To check them will be able to staff the police or other representatives of the “power state”;

– according to traffic regulations of Ukraine in all the unregulated pedestrian crossings pedestrians have the advantage. In the “Republic” of pedestrians benefits will not. Pedestrians can enter the roadway after you estimate the distance to approaching vehicles, their speed and make sure that the transition of the roadway will be safe for them;

– “police” quasisecurity will be able to stop the vehicle not only with a rod or hand, but with the help of loud-speaking devices.

We will remind, earlier today the special envoy of the US state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker said that it does not consider the possibility of a trip to Donetsk and Luhansk controlled by separatists. According to him, he’s not going to legitimize the “Republic” because it is “artificial education”.

In the Luhansk region have arrested a “Deputy” LC

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