In LNR told about the arrest of “blogger-spy”

В ЛНР заявили о задержании "блогера-шпиона"

Medeleeva questioned LC

Blogger Edward Medeleev gave evidence on camera.

Medeleeva detained in Lugansk, where he testified “MGB LNR”, admitting guilt in espionage in favor of the APU, the SBU and the shelf “Aydar”. The blogger said that gave the security forces information about the location of objects in areas controlled by the rebels.

From the words Nadeljaev, since 2010 he has been developing gps trackers to monitor road transport, which subsequently began to acquire not only private firms and utilities, and the structure of the SBU. Since the beginning of hostilities, according to the blogger, in social networks, he began to receive private messages from individuals posing as employees of the SBU and Mat. In correspondence with these users, says Nadeljaev, he published photos and feature coordinates of the militants.

“Since the events of 2014 I made a Facebook and Twitter accounts under the name Edward Ned where I was trying to light his view on the events that occur. Since the event was non-trivial, like the capture of the SBU, military units, state administration and aroused great interest of subscribers. Over time, these subscribers asked me to give more details in private messages. Among the subscribers I had persons who were presented by employees of SBU and Mat. I told them the location of military objects on the territory of the LC coordinates, published photos and videos which have been made on these objects”, says the detainee.

Nadeljaev noted that LC was criticized and expressed dissatisfaction with what is happening.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Lugansk have captured the fans of FC Zarya.

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