In Loshchynivka Odessa region, local residents destroyed several houses of the Roma – witness

В Лощиновке Одесской области местные жители разгромили несколько домов ромов, - очевидец

In Loshchynivka Odessa region, the locals gathered at the national Assembly, some people urge to smash Roma at home. This reaction was caused by the news of the violent death of 8-year-old girl. The details of what is happening there, said journalist Maxim Voitenko, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“At the gathering, opinions were divided. The head of the village Council called on people to calm down and not to divide people on a national basis, however, most of the speakers were very sharply tuned to Roma,” – said Voitenko.

He said that local residents (Bulgarians, Ukrainians, Russians) accuse the Roma and that they are dealing drugs, stealing and so on.

“At the gathering people are more or less calmed down, but after a crowd of 50 people, mostly teenagers and youth, and went on the streets to look for the Roma, approached several Roma homes destroyed, a total of from 7 to 10 crushed, some burnt,” – said Voitenko.

According to him, then there was a rumor that the outskirts of the village saw the Roma, the crowd went there.

“Found three of Roma women. The crowd did not attack them, plus they were immediately surrounded by police and the cries and accusations of various crimes, the police brought them to the road, put in the car and drove away,” – said Voitenko.

According to him, at the moment of the agitator and calls to destroy Roma homes that are located in this village.

He noted that the center of Loshchynivka is about two dozen police officers. He expressed the assumption that the power is still pulled from other parts of the village.

Meanwhile, the Deputy head of the Department of communications, Odessa Ukraine Anastasiya Yakubenko said that in the Loshchynivka sent law enforcement officers yesterday:

“Already since yesterday in the village Loshchynivka was sent additional forces of police from the General Department of national police, and special forces. With 10 hours there occurs the people’s Veche near the village Council. The situation in the village under the control of the police, there all relatively quiet, no violations have been recorded,” – said Yakubenko.

We will remind, the inhabitant of the village of Loshchynivka found in one of the abandoned houses the body of girls born in 2007 with obvious signs of violent death. Local also suspect that the girl was raped.

On this fact openly criminal proceedings under article “Premeditated murder of an infant, combined with rape and violent satisfaction of sexual passion in the unnatural way”, the detainee pleaded not guilty.