In Lugansk area the man was walking with a bag of weapons

В Луганской области мужчина гулял с мешком оружия

The withdrawn was directed on research

Police stopped 47-year-old resident of the city of Rubizhne Luhansk region, who was walking down the street with a bag.

In Lugansk region detained a 47-year resident of the city of Rubizhne, walking down the street with a bag of weapons and ammunition. As reported by the regional police, the bag was a grenade launcher, three grenades and 33 cartridges caliber 5.45 mm.

Also it is investigatory-operative group withdrew from the man RPG-7 rocket launcher, three grenades to it and 33 boss of caliber of 5,45 mm.

“The question of police, where such an Arsenal of weapons and ammunition and where he was carrying, the man answered that supposedly in 2014 he found and hid in a ruined building, and yesterday decided to get out of hiding and take all the scrap metal,” he told police.

In Kiev arrested the arms dealer

Informed the Military Prosecutor’s office of Kherson garrison of the southern region of Ukraine together with employees of GU SBU in Crimea has exposed and detained in the implementation of ammunition and explosives soldier one part in Kherson region.


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