In Lugansk before the “elections” appeared billboards

В Луганске перед "выборами" появились бигборды

In Lugansk there were billboards

Local residents told reporters about the situation in the city ahead of the so-called “elections”.

On the streets of Luhansk on the eve of the elections appeared billboards. On Sunday, October 7, according to Лига.net citing its sources in the city.

It is noted that billboards on the streets of the regional center has posted recently. “They are not very much in the city,” – said the Lugansk region Sergei, whose name is changed for security purposes.

Another source added that the circle of his acquaintances no one is going to go to the so-called elections. “Many say they will not go. They then create the illusion of a fight (for the post – edition), which is not. His (the beekeeper – ed.) “already selected” from us nothing depends. Playing in “the state” which is not” – said the source.

According to the publication, the separatists are going to ensure the attendance by so-called public sector.

“Schools and universities polygonal. Nothing will change, the standard of living has deteriorated significantly,” – said the source.

Pseudo-elections in uncontrolled Kiev part of the Donbass scheduled for November 11, 2018.


Earlier, in the LC talking about “extension of powers” local “authorities”.

It was also reported that in “DNR” and “LNR” canceled the election.


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