In Lugansk region found 27 hand grenades at the railway station

В Луганской области нашли 27 гранат на ж/д станции

The police began to carry service dogs

Police will conduct a nation-wide preventive measures Weapons, said Vyacheslav Abroskin.

Law enforcement officers found at the railway station of Rubezhnoye in the Luhansk region package with 27 grenades. This was reported the Deputy head of the national police Vyacheslav Abroskin on his page in Facebook on Monday, may 13.

According to him, to prevent falling into a peaceful region of weapons and explosives, the police increase the performance of duty at checkpoints, bus stations, railway stations of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

“During the passenger trains in these areas the police began to serve with guard dogs and there are positive results – yesterday one of the passengers in obtaining information about work on the train a police officer-cynologist with a guard dog at the railway station of Rubezhnoye threw away the pack with 17 and 10 F1 grenades RGD-5. Probably, nerves have handed over to the waiting police officers”, – Abroskin wrote.

He noted that from may 19 to June 21 held a national preventive action Weapon, the purpose of which is the removal from illicit circulation of weapons, ammunition and explosives.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev at the metro station detained the man with two grenades f-1 and fuses them. The offender was 21-year-old native of Cherkasy oblast, which had previously not had problems with the law.

In Chernihiv region the former military seized a record Arsenal of ammunition. Only one of the grenades he kept almost 200.

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