In Luhansk region the man with a knife attacked the police

В Луганской области мужчина с ножом напал на полицейского

The arrested man

The resident of Severodonetsk were going to solve a family problem fundamentally.

In Severodonetsk arrested a man with a knife attacked an employee of the national police. About this on his page in Facebook said the speaker of the management of national police in the Luhansk region Tatyana Pogukai.

“25-year-old resident of Severodonetsk with a knife attacked a COP who tried to save him from a frightened woman. The suspect is detained and is awaiting the election of a preventive measure”, – stated in the message.

The incident occurred near the house №6 along the street Vilesova, where an unknown with a knife pulled on the streets a woman against her will. Police officers demanded that he let go of the woman. In response, the man made three attempts to stab a police major Vladimir Neverov in the chest on the left.

“Immediate reaction of the police colleagues and the bulletproof vest saved him from injury. After the detainee was taken to the police Department, it became known that within two months, the detainee parents live separately. The guy decided to fundamentally solve the family problem and the mother back home. Took a knife, went to the native aunt’s, where his mother lived, and from there by force under the threat of the use of the knife, pulled it home,” – said the press service.

On this fact openly criminal proceedings under the article on encroachment on life of employee of law enforcement body (article 348 of the criminal code of Ukraine). The man faces a prison sentence of 9 to 15 years or life imprisonment.

The mother of the detainee doesn’t want her son prosecuted.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously in Odessa, a drunken man with a knife without any reasons attacked in one of the shops on the young couple. He stabbed the guy and the girl, after which the crowd nearly lynched the attacker.