In Lutsk the students wove camouflage nets for the military

В Луцке школьники плели маскировочные сети для военных

Children wove camouflage nets for the military

Competed against 11 students of local schools.

In Lutsk on the Theatre square competition in weaving nets for the military, reported by the local media.

They were attended by eleven students from local schools and Lutsk city, rozhysche. So they decided to help the military 14 brigade who are on the frontline in the ATO area.

The main criterion of the competition was the quality of the product. The winners were students of the Lutsk school-Lyceum № 22.

Presenting the awards, a representative of the Association of Ukrainians Alla Zupanic noted that this action is not only necessary, but also carries an educational function.

Camouflage nets military served their weapons, vehicles, observation points, and household objects, so they could not see.

Earlier in Nikolaev paratroopers made for the children of military-Patriotic training camp to teach them to shoot and to heal wounds.