In Lviv again blocked the railway

На Львовщине снова заблокировали железную дорогу

Blockers decided to continue the action

In the Lviv region released after the detention the activists again block the wagons with coal.

All the detainees on 21 September, the activists who blocked the Lviv region compositions, as they say, with the Russian coal yet released, they made adminprotokol. After all the victims received medical assistance, blocker decided to continue the action. Reported headquarters of the blockade of trade with the invaders on Facebook.

“The release of participants of the blockade was due to the intervention of the local community, which supported the Blockade and demanded immediate release of the detainees. In place covering the railway tracks took place Veche, with the participation of local residents. Therefore, the decision was made to continue blocking Russian coal”, – is spoken in the message.

As previously reported, near Lviv activists blocked the train with the Russian coal. This continues for two weeks. Activists demand explanations: how coal from Russia was in the Western Ukraine.

September 21, police broke up a blockade of the railway in Lviv region. Militiamen detained 28 people. It is reported that eight policemen were injured.

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