In Lviv pensioner hid the corpse of her husband for the wardrobe

Во Львове пенсионерка прятала труп мужа за шкафом

The neighbors believe that the old woman is mentally ill and afraid of her behavior.

In Lviv pensioner a week hid the corpse of the deceased husband in the wardrobe in the apartment, according to TSN.

It is noted that the 73-year-old woman has repeatedly complained about the neighbors of an apartment building who are convinced that the pensioner is mentally ill and is a threat to them.

Residents were forced to go to the woman’s apartment because of the intolerable smell. There is a mess, they found the corpse of her husband, who was behind the wardrobe covered with a jacket.

The neighbors believe that the body was at least a week.

Earlier it was reported that in Nikolaev two bodies for a long time were locked in their rooms.

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