In Lviv the lottery “Megalot” won the prize of 5 500 000 hryvnia

Во Львове в лотерею "Мегалот" был выигран приз ‎5 500 000 гривен

28 October 2017 in circulation “Megalot”, No. 1687, the player wins Megapolis in the amount of UAH 5500000

The bet is placed on the corporate table “M. S. L.” Lviv bus station №2 (Bogdan Khmelnitsky St., 225). Million win brought bid 27 Oct, and it was only 50 hryvnia.
The national lottery operator, “M. S. L.” congratulates the winner and invites nearest authorised for designing the prize. The company also provides the player an opportunity to join an exclusive “millionaires Club” M. S. L. “” and to participate in the VIP program ” Two days in the life of a millionaire.” This program gives you the opportunity to experience all the benefits of expensive privileged life. So, one of the honorary members of the “millionaires Club” M. S. L. “” Evgeny Zelensky, who in February won Megapolis 6 150 000 hryvnia, took part in this program. Together with his wife Eugene spent an unforgettable weekend in Kyiv on 25-26 March. In the recreation program includes such activities as entertainment, country sports-shooting club, participate in the filming of the beloved lottery, dinner with the lovely leading “Megalot”, professional photo shoots, prestigious restaurants, the hotel in the center of Kiev. And it’s not the whole list of fun of the millionaires!
Recall that on April 22 in circulation “Megalot” No. 1633 was won the largest lottery jackpot in Ukraine to 2017: then lucky from the Dnieper broke the amount of 13450000 hryvnia! Unbelievable that in the next edition No. 1634 in the winery also won jackpot in amount of 5,000,000 USD. Thus, for the first time in the history of the lottery “Megalot” for five days was stripped, two Mega jackpots in a row totaling 18450000 hryvnia.
Recall that the draws of state lottery “Megalot” is broadcast from 23:20 to 23:30 on the First National (UA: First) on Wednesdays and Saturdays.