In Lviv went on strike drivers of minibuses, the routes are not left 45 cars – city Council

Во Львове бастовали водители маршруток, на маршруты не выехали 45 машин, - горсовет

In Lviv went on strike drivers of minibuses, the routes are not left only 45 cars of roughly 640 that serve the city. This reports the press service of the Lviv city Council.

“The drivers are working, some vehicles returned to the routes on other routes, which left buses, carriers send the backup machine”, – stated in the message.

Furthermore, in ATP-1: on route 37 left 6 cars, on a route № 29 – 1 machine, No. 28 – 1 machine. All these machines ATP-1 is leased from CHP Kopytko I. F.”.

In the ATP-14630, all machines are running on the routes.

As for the “Measure K”, then go to route 25 left 8 cars, No. 14 – 8 cars, No. 27 – 5 cars No. 8 – 4 cars and the No. 7 – 5 machines.

Left 7 cars on route 51, which serves the “Success-MB”.

On routes served by the “Fiacre” run all the buses, but there is information that the buses stop unknown and threatening drivers.

“Three drivers working on a route № 10 (ATP-1), complained to the Deputy Director that this morning they were approached by 4 people of a sports Constitution with threats to “break the back of the bus” if they go that route. On this fact the company is preparing an appeal to law enforcement bodies”, – underlined in the message.

Earlier, the villagers of Hrybovychi, the financial times and town Dubliany bordering Gribovichi garbage, blocked traffic on the route Lviv – Rava-Ruska because of the resumption of work at the dump.