In Mariupol, a father has taken his children hostage

В Мариуполе отец захватил детей в заложники

The youngest of the hostages was only 9 months

The man threatened to undermine them with a grenade.

Monday, January 8, a resident of Mariupol during a family quarrel tried to take away the wife of their children. He threatened to blow himself up and them with a grenade. It is reported by the police of the Donetsk region.

Reportedly, the eldest child was only years and the youngest nine months.

“Not finding ways of peaceful resolution of conflict, the owner began to threaten the wife that would undermine himself and family. Within the hour the police were to rowdy talks, which helped to disarm the man. However, to explain the origin of the grenade’s owner could not”, – militiamen told.

It is noted that now the rowdy faces up to 7 years of imprisonment.

Earlier in Zhytomyr region in a fire killed two children.

As reported in the Zaporozhye burned pediatric therapy