In Mariupol, children are taught to verses praising Russia

В Мариуполе детей учат стихам, прославляющими РФ

Mariupol students study verses praising Russia

A corresponding job is in the training manual approved by the Ministry of education of Ukraine.

In Mariupol schools, children are taught the Russian language with verses that glorify Russia, said the volunteer Galina Odnorog in Facebook.

It is worth noting that the task of the teacher found in the training manual of the publishing house “Ranok”, which is approved for use in the primary school by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine.

The volunteer said that we are talking about the 27th school. The lesson of the Russian language of the third graders, the teacher gave me homework where you had to insert the letters in the verses that glorify the symbols of Russia.

A multi-coloured flag of Russia –
White, blue, red.
The most beautiful to me,
More beautiful flag in the world.
Honor and truth in this flag
The blood shed in battle,
The courage, valour and courage,
Faith in my Homeland!”

According to the teacher, she just didn’t read the verse before to ask his children.

It is noteworthy that the head of Igor LC Carpenter found the symbols of Ukraine in the textbooks of the LC.

Earlier it was reported that the proportion of Ukrainian-language schools in Donetsk region reached 60 percentof. All Ukrainian schools in the region was 325.

Корреспондент.net also wrote that the schools of the Donetsk region translated into Ukrainian language learning on a compulsory basis.