In Mariupol girl jumped out the window of the 13th floor is probably doing the job quest

В Мариуполе девушка выбросилась из окна 13-го этажа – вероятно, выполняя задания квеста

In Mariupol, a girl jumped out of the window of a 13-floor, probably doing the job quest. About it reports a press-service GU of the NP in the Donetsk region.

According to the report, the tragedy occurred yesterday. The duty of the local police received a report from a woman that she’s near her home found a corpse of the girl.

On arrival on a scene militiamen established that the victim is a resident of Mariupol, born in 2000. “Viewing the scene of the tragedy, the personal belongings of the girls, the police found a notebook with notes of suicidal nature. In the survey, parents and friends of the deceased, it was found that it was a closed and shy girl, have repeatedly expressed intentions to commit suicide”, – stated in the message.

In addition, the friends of the girl said that she was signed for the group in the social network, where users performed various tasks of a moderator, ostensibly as part of the quest. “Teenagers told that, in the words of the deceased, she really liked this group, every day there appear new challenges. Among them – hold your hand over the fire for a few seconds, and then pierced the burnt spot with a needle. According to the records in social networks, her last assignment was to jump off high-rise buildings”, – underlined in the message.

Also friends of the girl said that the girl performed these tasks because they come to school with cuts on her arms.

“According to witnesses, shortly before his death in the social network she left notes of suicidal nature and attached a photo with high-rise buildings”, – added in the message.

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Now militiamen check all possible variants of the deaths of minors. In parallel, it turns out, what did the father and mother of the deceased, her family to help her and prevent a tragedy.

Upon the death of the girl opened criminal proceedings under part 1 St. 115 (Premeditated murder) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine marked “Suicide.” The investigation is continuing.