In Mariupol Ilyich iron and steel works worker killed

В Мариуполе на ММК Ильича погиб рабочий

MMK im. Ilyich occur regularly PE

The employee of a contractor, Zaporojska did not fasten safety belt to a safety rope and fell from a height.

In Mariupol metallurgical combine. Ilyich (MMK), part of Metinvest group, employee killed when repairing the roof in the cold rolling shop. About it reports the local website 0629 with reference to the press service of the company on Friday, 3 August.

It is noted that the incident occurred on 2 August due to safety violations.

“Employee of the Contracting organization, Zaporozhska, performing repairs of the roof of the cold rolling mill, did not fasten safety belt to a safety rope and fell from a height. In the fall he received injuries incompatible with life. The company has created and operates the Commission on investigation of causes and circumstances of the incident”, – is spoken in the message.

According to the publication, in connection with a number of fatal PE in the steelworks of Mariupol began an unscheduled inspection of all contractors for compliance with rules, requirements in the sphere of labor protection and industrial safety.

Earlier in June on the boiler. Lenin killed the welder employee of Azov Bud-Project – during the work on blast furnace No. 5. He fell in skipaway the pit.

And yesterday it was reported about the fatal accident at Azovstal – where one person died and another was injured during a rollover lift after repair work on coke oven battery.

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