In Mexico discovered 11 bags of human remains

В Мексике обнаружены 11 мешков с человеческими останками

In Mexico discovered 11 bags of human remains

In the West of Mexico near the city Chilapa (state of Guerrero) found about 11 bags of human remains, reports “TASS” with reference to law enforcement agencies in the region.

According to the report, forensic experts have started work with the found fragments of bodies, however, not yet established how many people they could belong.

Note the last two days it already the second case of this kind. Earlier on the highway Cuernavaca – Acapulco in Guerrero were found the remains of three people in six plastic bags, reports EFE. The police found that the victims were killed in different areas of the city, two of them were connected.

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Notably, Guerrero, one of the most dangerous States in Mexico, this year is experiencing a new surge in violence associated with criminal communities. In 2016 in the region, there were over two thousand homicides. Despite all efforts, the deployment of Federal police and armed forces, the authorities are unable to improve security in Guerrero.

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