In Mexico found a mysterious ancient tomb

В Мексике найдено загадочное древнее захоронение

Ancient graves of the Maya

This discovery is the oldest known, which are relevant to the indigenous civilization of America.

In Mexico was discovered graves that belong to the ancient Maya and their ancestors who lived seven thousand years ago. This writes the

Discovery is the oldest known pertaining to indigenous civilization of America.

Discovered was the burial cave, located in the state of Tabasco in southern Mexico. Overall, the archaeologists found three skeletons and elongated skull.

The age of the two skeletons – about four thousand years, and the third – about seven thousand years. It was at this time there was a transition from hunter-gatherer to a settled lifestyle.

Archaeologists say the cave was not used for housing. There for many generations held sacred rituals and burials.

Discovered in a cave elongated skull earlier it was considered a sign of high status and beauty.

Earlier it was reported that in the ancient Greek colony of Olbia was found valuable artifacts.

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