In Minsk discussed the elections in Donbass

В Минске обсудили выборы на Донбассе

In Minsk announced the conditions of the elections in the Donbass

The Ukrainian party also supported the initiative to work on finding missing.

The political subgroup of the Trilateral contact group in Minsk discussed the possibility of holding legitimate local elections in Donbas in accordance with Ukrainian law and OSCE standards. This was reported by press Secretary of ex-President of Ukraine, representative of Ukraine in the contact group Leonid Kuchma Darka olifer in Facebook.

“Without the complete silence regime, the withdrawal of foreign military forces, the closure of the border, without complying with Ukrainian legislation and standards of the OSCE elections can not be” − said olifer.

She also wrote that the Ukrainian side supported the initiative of the International Committee of the red cross to start in the framework of the Minsk consultations of the work on search of missing persons.

“However, this process is blocked by the Russian side” − said the press Secretary of Leonid Kuchma.

Earlier it was reported that in connection with the upcoming holidays, the contact group in Minsk agreed on the introduction of a regime of complete ceasefire in the Donbas from December 24.

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