In Minuterna spoke about the case of Sheremet

In Minuterna said that in a murder case Sheremet state loses reputation

The Minister said that due to the accusations of veterans and volunteers in the murder of a state is loss of reputation.

The charges of the volunteers and veterans in the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet, the state loses reputation. This was stated by the Minister of veterans Affairs, the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Oksana Kolyada in Facebook Saturday, December 14.

“Because all of the defendants are the undisputed authorities in veteran and volunteer movement, to separate the fact from the image of the entire movement will not succeed. Whatever the outcome of this case, the state loses, especially reputational,” wrote Carol.

The Minister also added that in case, if they have the slightest doubt of the adequacy charges “reputation risks of the state will be increased significantly”.

“The murder of Pavel Sheremet should be investigated. But so that no one in the state, there was no question regarding the evidence base. The image of the veteran and the volunteer is the hero and defender. And it can not be combined with the image of the killer,” said Carol.

The Minister also wrote that he knows personally accused of involvement in the murder of journalist Vladislav Grishchenko and Inna, Andrei Antonenko, Julia Kuzmenko and Jana Dugar and called them all recognized authorities in the veteran and volunteer.

At the same time she assured that Minuterna “will perform their direct functions in relation to the beneficiaries.”

“We are ready to provide a full range of legal assistance, without giving assessment of the case on the merits,” concluded Carol.

Recall, December 12 the police have named suspects in the execution killings of the journalist Sheremet. Among them, the rock musician, Sergeant APU Andrey Antonenko, a pediatric surgeon Julia Kuzmenko, veterans of the ATO Vladislav and Inna Gryshchenko, as well as military nurse Jan Dugar.

At the moment Kuzmenko and Antonenko arrested, and Dugar sent under house arrest.

Murder Sheremet. Reaction to the investigation

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