In Moscow kidnapped Ukrainian crime boss media

В Москве похитили украинского криминального авторитета - СМИ

Yuri Vasilenko

Stolen considered to be the main person involved in business on murder of Kiev ex-Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov.

In a Moscow restaurant with the shooting of kidnapped Ukrainian criminal authority Yury Vasilenko. On Friday, January 11, reports Rosbalt citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

The incident occurred last night in the restaurant Basil, which was kidnapped by “office”. In the restaurant came a group of strong men and ordered the journalist to follow them. He tried to escape, resulting in a scuffle ensued, and the raiders started shooting. Vasilenko was injured, it was loaded in the trunk of a car and taken away.

After that in a rented apartment stolen was searched. Security forces found an Arsenal of weapons, including sniper rifles and explosives

Sources of publications have reported that Vasilenko was one of the organizers of the shooting in Kiev ex-Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov.

The source also told the publication that Vasilenko was influential criminal authority in Ukraine, supported close ties with the Russian mafia circles. In Moscow, Vasilenko lived illegally on the passport in a false name. He led an almost clandestine lifestyle: rented a small apartment in the North-East of the capital, meetings were held in the restaurant, from where he was abducted.

Recall that Voronenkov was killed on 23 March 2017 at hotel in the center of Kiev. Unknown opened fire when Boronenkov with the guard was walking on the sidewalk. Both were injured, but the guard was able to use weapons in response and wounded the attacker. Boronenkov died on the spot, the killer is in the hospital.

The dead killer was a member of ATO, Ukrainian citizen born in 1988 Paul Parsow.

Later it was reported that a witness in the case Boronenkov recognized one of the accused.

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