In NACP explained how to change the process of e-Declaration due to new law

В НАПК объяснили, как изменился процесс е-декларирования из-за нового закона

National Agency on corruption prevention (NACP)

The national Agency for prevention of corruption reports changes in the Law of Ukraine “On prevention of corruption” regarding the deadlines for the submission of electronic declarations and procedure declarations soldiers. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on March 3, 2017, adopted by Law No. 1975-VIII “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine regarding peculiarities of financial control of certain categories of officials”. The law comes into force on 30 March 2017.

According to this law has been extended until may 1, 2017 submission deadline annual returns for persons who according to the Law of Ukraine “On prevention of corruption” serves such a Declaration, for the first time.

The law introduced the following novelties with respect to the military.

From the obligation to submit the electronic Declaration are exempt:

  • Cadets of higher military educational institutions;
  • The students of higher educational establishments, which are composed of military institutions;
  • The cadets of all faculties, departments and offices of military training.
  • These military personnel not subject to other restrictions and obligations established by the Law of Ukraine “On corruption prevention”.

    Also exempt from the obligation to submit the Declaration, including any period before 30 March 2017, these soldiers:

  • Soldiers of military service for military service during mobilization for the special period, military service at the call of those officers;
  • Military officials from among the military personnel of military service under the contract of persons enlisted for military service under the contract of persons of sergeants and sergeants, the military Junior officers in the military service under the contract those officers;
  • All other military personnel, provided that they are not simultaneously occupy any other office specified in paragraph 1, subparagraph “a” of paragraph 2 of article 3 of the Law “On prevention of corruption” (that is, at the same time do not occupy public positions).
  • All of these soldiers were prosecuted for failure to file returns for the period prior to the entry into force of Act No. 1975-VIII, that is till 30 Mar 2017.

    However, note that the duty of submission of the Declaration is preserved:

  • Servicemen who undergo military service at military commissariats and military personnel of the State border service of Ukraine who are serving in the units of acquisition of the state border service;
  • Military personnel who are members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, other heads of Executive authorities who are not part of the Cabinet, Deputy Minister or Director, as the Chairman of the security Service of Ukraine, people’s Deputy of Ukraine, Deputy of local Council, village, settlement, city mayor or an officer of a legal entity of public law, or a member of the Supervisory Board of the state Bank, state enterprise or state organization that has the objective of making a profit, or any other person specified in subparagraphs “a”, “b”, “g” – “and” paragraph 1 and subparagraph “a” of paragraph 2 of article 3 of the Law of Ukraine “On corruption prevention”.
  • The law introduces the provision that allows the postponement of the filing military personnel under certain conditions:

  • If the person carries out tasks in the interests of defense of Ukraine during the special period;
  • Directly involved in the conduct of military (combat) operations, including on the territory of the antiterrorist operation;
  • Sent to other States to participate in international peacekeeping operations and security in the national contingent and national personnel.
  • In the presence of such conditions Declaration for the year served in the military, which is subject to Declaration within 90 days from the date of arrival to the place of military service or the date of termination of military service, which should be considered as the date of exclusion of the serviceman from personnel lists of a military unit.

    Recall that yesterday it became known that the Ministry of justice initiates cancellation of criminal liability for declarants who have not filed electronically before April 1, 2017, because of their guilt in fact.

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