In Naftogaz said about the new conditions of Gazprom

В Нафтогазе сообщили о новых условиях Газпрома

In Naftogaz told about the requirements of the Gazprom for a new transit contract, Ukraine has to prove that the legislation complies with European.

A new contract on gas transit through the territory of Ukraine after 2019 will be the new operator GTS of Ukraine and “Naftogaz of Ukraine” in the near future will not be a party of the transit contract. The Russian side formally says that you agree to these terms, but has a number of requirements to the Ukrainian side. This is stated in the message of the NAC in Facebook about Gazprom and a new transit contract, with a video review of the head of Naftogaz, Andrey KOBOLEV.

“Now Naftogaz is a party to the existing contract. Until the end of the year we will complete the separation of the new operator GTS. And a new contract for the transit of European rules will be already with this new operator. That is, in the near future, Naftogaz will not be a party to the contract for transit”, – stated in the message.

As pointed out in Naftogaz, the European rules are critical for the Ukrainian side, because it is an additional guarantee that the contract will be performed. “Precedents already were, thus, have to prepare for any options,” added the company.

“The Russian side formally says that you agree to these terms. But. They require from Ukrainian side: to prove that our legislation fully complies with European. We have introduced European regulations, and codes of management of the Ukrainian gas market; to prove the independence of the regulator; to forget about the won arbitration, the current arbitration and the penalty of the Antimonopoly Committee. Size desired by the Russians concessions – about 22 billion dollars”, – according to the Naftogaz on the requirements of the Russian side.

“According to Gazprom’s logic we should abandon the already won money and prospects of more money, and then will begin the real negotiation process,” said the company.

In Naftogaz said that “reason to suspect the negotiators from Naftogaz in multiple sclerosis or disorders, it seems we Russians have not given.” “So what do they expect, putting forward such unacceptable conditions? It seems the Russian side, using various pretexts, leads us to believe that, in principle, to talk seriously about a contract not ready,” – noted in the NAC.

“The European Commission fully understands and supports our position on willingness to contract on clear European terms, and the impossibility of “reset” or to forget the award. We are very grateful to the European Commission for support,” – said the NAC.

As is known, the Russian side calls the main condition of signing a new gas contract termination of all litigation.


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