In Netpolice against the restoration of the posts of ex-security officers

В Нацполиции против восстановления в должностях экс-силовиков

Netpolice will appeal

The Department intends to appeal.

The head of the National police khatia Dekanoidze regrets that the courts make the decision to restore the positions of workers, dismissed from the police force as a result of certification, according to the Department of communication at Netpolicy of Ukraine.

“Our certification is hanging over them like a sword. We will fight, we will appeal,” said Dekanoidze.

She also emphasized that law enforcement must evolve synchronously.

“It is impossible that the national police was restructured, and in the judicial system and the Prosecutor’s office simply was no traffic”, – said the head of Netpolice.

The judge responded to the accusation in the failure of police reform

Earlier, the head of Netpolice khatia Dekanoidze stated that police reform could fail because of the decisions of the courts for the reinstatement of employees of the interior Ministry, which have not been recertified.